Back In God’s Classroom 

Hi guys I have been away for awhile. I just got home from five months of physical rehab. You’ll have to forgive me for my absence ; but there are circumstances that require your undivided attention and unfortunately that meant things like this blog had to take a back seat to my rehabilitation. 

I wrote this at the beginning of my rehabilitation time. My hope is that someone is inspired by this. 
I’ve been away for a good while now. I have had an ankle fusion and then as a result of an infection – two additional surgeries.In fact , I’m writing this from a rehab facility that will be my address for at least a month. I won’t list all the details of my journey to this point but I will say that I have been here before. I prefer to call these detours as being in God’s classroom. Stick with me and I’ll explain. 

Ever felt like everything is just collapsing around you at one time ? Have you ever felt like God has a funny way of showing His love for you ? You can be honest, we’ve all been there on one level at one moment in our lives. We’ve all questioned a loving God would allow certain things to happen to us. If you haven’t – I’ll raise my hand and say I have. 

Trials and tribulations are just the transportation that God uses to get you where He wants you to be. 

Joel Olsteen

Is there any benefit to our pain and suffering?

Take a moment and think back on a situation that you thought would break you. Obviously it didn’t break you but I’ll wager that you learned something. You found out that you’re stronger than you thought you were; or you went from one level of faith to another level of faith. A higher level of faith. A level of faith and trust in The Lord that you would not have reached without the hardship that you encountered. 

God Has A Classroom 

My personal experience has been like being in God’s classroom. Through 13 surgeries and one coma and the sudden loss of my husband. , one thing that has been a constant is The Lord’s faithfulness. Even though I’ve had temper tantrums, questioned God – I’ve been angry with Him , even stop talking to Him.He’s still been faithful. It’s easy to get focused on the situation instead of focusing on the Savior. And I have done that frequently. However, like a ultra dedicated teacher who’s dealing with a problem student – He remained patient and kind. 

What could I possibly learn from the chronic painful condition that I live with daily ? How can I gleen anything from watching my body become scarred from surgery after surgery? Where’s the lesson from that? I’ve had years to answer these questions but I’m still learning so I’ll just share with you what learned so far. 

  • Some things just are , if it can’t be changed we have to  : Acknowledge, Accept and Adapt 
  • Every situation has a lesson in it. Don’t get caught up on the why ? Look for the lesson, I guarantee you that there’s one or more to be found. 
  • No matter what God’s Grace is always with you – shielding you from dangers that you can’t believe. I’ve learned to depend upon His Grace. 
  • Take advantage of the situation. Sharpen your sword by digging into The Word. Increase your prayer life -draw close to God and He’ll draw close to you. Be determined to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus during the storm and watch the chaotic winds of your life become calm with just a word from The Lord. 

While you’re ‘going through ‘ your test or trial , remember that God is good and His mercy endures forever. He’s not punishing you or playing a game to see how far he can push you. Every test is just another moment spent in God’s classroom. A place to learn from the Master. If we view it like that, we’d understand that our storms are temporary and necessary for our spiritual development and maturity. That won’t lessen the pain or the fear and frustration that you’ll feel ; but it will help you put things into proper perspective. 
Furthermore ,it’s important to note that we’re all ‘spiritual beings having an earthly experience.  For every heartbreaking, soul-crushing moment we experience, there’s a spiritual solution. Where there’s no solution- there’s God’s loving Grace there to comfort and guide us. 

Throughout my life I have been confused, frustrated and I’ve felt lower than I can even put into words. But once I felt God’s presence in the midst of my pain – I learned to lean , depend and call on Him when all I wanted to do was give up. 

I also figured out that every struggle, every battle is like taking a medication that leaves me with a side effect. Things like Grace, Gratitude , an enhanced prayer life, more love and wisdom- the list goes on. The point is that I grew spiritually and I grew in ways I couldn’t have grown without the entirety of my experiences. Basically it’s just like the song says “No Cross No Crown ‘. If we never go through anything, how would we learn to put our faith into action? Faith is a spiritual muscle. If you don’t use your physical muscles they’ll atrophy and become of no use to you. The same is true of your spiritual muscles: if you don’t use it you’ll lose it. 

Remember that The Lord never sends harm , hurt and devastation- He only allows it. 

“We know that in everything God works for the good of those who love him. These are the people God chose, because that was his plan.”

‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:28‬ ‭ERV‬‬

Did you get that? Everything in God’s classroom works for our good! That means those hard things that threaten to break your down. That means even the pain of losing my husband will work out for good. I must admit when it comes to that subject – I don’t see how any good could come from that. But I take God at His Word. I’m no longer a freshman in my spiritual education but not yet a senior. So right now I’m back in school. Being tested on the things I’ve learned in the past and being taught some things that I’ll need in the future. 

The best place to be is in God’s classroom. Regardless of what’s going on or what’s happened – in this place we are safe and protected. Given the situation that brought you to God’s classroom might not be a pleasant one – in fact your predicament could be downright heart wrenching but… You can’t look in two directions and get very far. So why not keep your eyes on the Master and His chalkboard. Remember that there’s a lesson in every situation. There is a spiritual benefit to every difficulty you face. So adjust your perspective , pay attention in class , look forward to the lessons you’ll learn and most of all keep your eyes on The Lord!

Published by: LaShandri M. Foxx

I'm a writer, blogger and author of Facing Goliath. Licensed & Ordained 96 National Chaplains Association. My message ( or at least my focus ) is that of overcoming adversity in the Christian life and communicating the advantages of hardship and obstacles. I believe that my life has given me a unique perspective on the subject. This is the mission that the Lord has given me : to enlighten, inspire and encourage others. I'm a spiritual being having an earthly experience !

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