What ‘In the World ‘ Are You Worried About ?

What in the world are you worried about? I’m sure that we’ve all been asked that question. It’s a valid question to ask yourself. We are all bombarded by situations that give us cause for concern. Problems in the workplace, problems at home and problems in the relationships we have with one another – there is no shortage of problems in this life. That’s true whether you’re a Believer or not. No matter who you are, the temptation to worry about problems is a very strong urge. However if you are a Christian, worry and anxiety are two emotions that you’ll have to extinguish- they are the exact opposite of Faith! Still we are human and we often give into worry without even thinking about it or the effect that worrying has on the body and our inner spirit. The good news is that God isn’t bound by your worrying, He isn’t surprised by it either.

Jesus Christ addressed the issue of worrying about our lives in Matthew 6:25-26 saying (and I’m paraphrasing) that we shouldn’t worry about what we have to wear or what’s on the table at dinner time. He goes on to ask, ‘isn’t there more to life than food or clothing ‘ ? Can anyone looking into a mirror change his or her own height by worrying ? I think the scientific answer to that question is absolutely not! But does that mean that you don’t still worry about things that present uncertainty in your life? Believe it or not my friend- the answer to that question is entirely up to you.

I’ve spent many sleepless nights trying my best to see my way through certain situations that bothered me and I felt justified in my need to worry. I’d worry about my future because of some health crisis that I was facing. Worry about being a widow for the rest of my life or worry over things that I had absolutely no control of- worry, worry and more worry. So much worry that I found myself physically, emotionally and more importantly spiritually exhausted. That’s when The Lord started dealing with me about my emotions- when I was so tired that I gave up and then went into prayer for help. Only then was I able to give it all up to God and understand that He is the Author and Finisher of my life.

I’ve been praying since I was five years old and I’ve been reading the Bible just as long. As an adult with a chronic and painful disease I would find more meaning in the Scriptures than I did as a child and that has been my salvation over the years. Still I have spent far too much of my times in a state of worrying despite my faith in God and God’s Word. I even had to be placed on medication for anxiety. I was told by my doctors that anxiety/depression was normal for someone in my position to have. But eventually I had to ask the Christian in me – should I just accept that? Or could it be that I was missing the point in what I was reading in The Bible? I didn’t know. I did know that I was tired of being tossed back and forth between my faith and my emotions , and I told The Lord just that. That’s when things began to change in me – when I asked for the help and the strength to abide always in the faith and trust that God knows what I need before I even know that I need it. What in the world am I worrying about ? I had to make a choice. I could choose to continue being controlled by my imaginary fears and anxiety or I could choose to trust in The Lord with all my mind and all of my spirit. It all comes down to a matter of trust. You either trust God or you don’t. That being said, I don’t discount that your fears aren’t real or that certain situations won’t be alarming to you. It’s what you do in the midst of your circumstance that makes the difference. Will you choose faith or fear?

Faith is an awesome thing! Faith isn’t bound by time or circumstance.

Published by: LaShandri M. Foxx

I'm a writer, blogger and author of Facing Goliath. Licensed & Ordained 96 National Chaplains Association. My message ( or at least my focus ) is that of overcoming adversity in the Christian life and communicating the advantages of hardship and obstacles. I believe that my life has given me a unique perspective on the subject. This is the mission that the Lord has given me : to enlighten, inspire and encourage others. I'm a spiritual being having an earthly experience !

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