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Video of the Day: In the Midnight Hour

Today’s video ‘In The Midnight Hour comes from BeBe Winans feat. Debbie Winans



The song is a  most powerful expression of how to endure the dark days of our lives  I can remember vividly the terror I felt as a child when bedtime came and the lights were turned out. Fear would grip me and I’d put the cover over my head in an effort to hide from imaginary monsters.

As adults most of us no longer have a fear of the literal sense of the dark; but we might still fear The Midnight Hour of our lives. In other words, we still have things that keep us up at night. The fears and worries that rob us of our peace and situations that keep us up at night.

Have no fear! We have a God that never sleeps and never slumbers; He’s always there for us in The Midnight Hour! 

Enjoy the video and listen carefully to the words; they’ll give you encouragement to get through the night!  BeBe Winans & Debbie Winans ‘In The Midnight Hour ‘

Happy Friday and may you be blessed with a glorious weekend!

LaShandri Foxx Newman 




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Music, the Antibiotic for My Soul ! 

Ce Ce Winans is Gospel Royalty !

Music Video of the Day: CeCe Winans – More Than What I Wanted

Every morning it’s the same ritual for me. Wake up and say Good morning Lord ! I  take my prescribed medication for the RA and turn on the morning news. I wait  about 45 minutes for the meds to kick in and then I get out of the bed. But this isn’t the ritual that I referred to, this is a regimen. I’m looking forward to the part of the morning when I can start my ritual!

I (or maybe my mom) make my Caramel Macchiato coffee and go outside. I take a look at the beauty of the nature and really appreciate it.  I usually do it the same way – everyday. Read some scripture – check. Select a playlist that fits the way I feel at the time – check. Put on the wireless headphones (a gift from my baby brother) and then the best part begins. I turn on the music and tune out the world. 

Anyone who knows me well will tell you how much I love my music. I’ve got to have it. To me it’s the same as the other medications I have to take for my physical condition and just as important. Those pills keep me keep me out of pain and get me to the point where I can move on with my day. Well the same thing is true for me when it comes to listening to my music. It’s spiritual medicine for me; and music enables me to get my soul ready for the day. If necessary to act as a pain killer, my music is very effective. It’s the one cure all that no one is allergic to.

“Forever I’ll live right , Forever I’ll love right , Forever for You ( Lord you’re worthy oh so worthy ) Forever and ever “

Forever , Kingdom Come CD

CeCe Winans

I’m sharing a music video of CeCe Winans with you today and I hope you enjoy it. I just love artists like CeCe whose music lyrics are so based in scripture. It’s literally like having a Praise & Worship service except you’re not inside of the church ! That’s always a great way to get out of yourself and your situation; and into the presence of God ! It doesn’t even have to be Praise & Worship music for me to get what I need for the day. Anything that lifts my spirits and puts me in a good frame of mind will do.

I just wanted to share something with you today that would hopefully make you smile. For some crazy reason I felt like sharing a music video.

The song is amazing and even though it’s not a new one of CeCe’s , I still love it. More Than What I Wanted may sound like a love song (and it is) but the song is really about the love of God. I’ll admit though , it also makes me think of my late husband too. But the lyrics are about how God’s love is whole and completely beyond anything we could ever want or expect. The type of love that is enduring, unconditional, unchanging and unfailing! I can’t adequately describe the love I have in The Lord ! The best way to describe it is agape love. 

Agape (Ancient Greek: ἀγάπη, agápē) is “love: the highest form of love, charity; the love of God for man and of man for God.” Not to be confused with “philēo” – brotherly love – agápē embraces a universal, unconditional love that transcends, that serves regardless of circumstances.

Count On Me
CeCe Winans singing Count On Me with her real life friend , the late Whitney Houston

Enjoy the video and I hope that it brightens up your day. You can check out other CeCe Winans videos on YouTube:Count On Me (featuring Whitney Houston )

As Ever,